As Election Day nears, I hope all Butler County voters will consider a number of facts that I believe should help them make a decision about the race for Governor.

FACT #1 Pennsylvania taxpayers have had no increase in income tax with Tom Corbett as governor.

FACT #2 Tom Wolf stated he does not believe that we need voter ID.  He does not want to disenfranchise voters. Do you recall the national news coverage of a Philadelphia man who said he had voted in five different precincts and had one more stop to make?  Tom Corbett He believes in one vote for one citizen.

Fact #3 Mr. Wolf continues to make false statements about education funding.   The PA Dept. of Education website shows a bar graph of state support for public schools.  Every year shows increased spending since 2011 when Tom Corbett was sworn in.  Newspapers across the commonwealth have verified this, but Mr. Wolf keeps up his campaign of misinformation.

Fact #4 Liberal California billionaire Tom Steyer was reported in Politico to have promised immense financial support to Wolf’s campaign.  Steyer is an environmental activist, and his political action committee plans to target Philadelphia voters.  One can assume that Steyer opposes the exploration of Marcellus Shale which has brought thousands of dollars to Butler County property owners.

Fact #5 Tom Wolf implies that drillers in PA are not being taxed for wells drilled.  In 2013, Butler County received $1 million in impact fees.  In 2012, the county received over $741,000. This is, of course, in addition to hundreds of thousands paid directly to local municipalities and property owners.

Fact #6 Governor Corbett is the first governor to address the problem of funding state pensions. He has proposed that a new pension format is necessary in order to save the state from the financial chaos that faces California and Illinois.  Tom Wolf was Revenue Secretary under Ed Rendell, and no such proposals came from him to former governor.

Fact #7 Tom Corbett is Pro Life.  He helped enact House Bill 818, which means that no taxpayer funding of abortion will occur in the health insurance exchange created in PA. Tom Wolf is pro-abortion and endorsed by Planned Parenthood and NARAL who advocate abortion on demand.

Fact #8 President Obama will be in Philadelphia campaigning for Tom Wolf.  A vote for Tom Wolf is a vote for Barack Obama.  Butler County said “No” to Barack Obama by 2 to 1 in 2012.  It’s time to say “No” again—to Tom Wolf.  Tom Corbett is the best choice for Butler County.

Pat Stirling

Lancaster Township