Dear Committee Members, Precinct Captains and Butler County Republicans,

This Saturday September 13th, there will be a neighborhood canvassing in the West Region of the County. I encourage all to come out and support this event. Andrew Patterson, Western Regional Manager, Republican Party of PA, will be coordinating the canvassing.

Canvassing is a great opportunity to get out our positive message to our friends and neighbors. People are looking real solutions to strengthen our state and nation, for the good of all people. Republican principles promote real wealth creation and keep the American Dream alive for all citizens.

It is important to remember certain facts that the media and Tom Wolf will not tell you:

  1. Pennsylvania Tax Payers have had no tax increase in income tax during Tom Corbett’s term!!!
  2. Spending on Education is greater now than ever before!!! The governor has not cut spending as Tom Wolf says.  Ask any of our state reps, and they will tell you the truth.  Notice that Mr. Wolf’s ads say local districts will raise taxes, but the headlines quoted are misleading.  They don’t state that this is caused by cuts from Corbett… only that some districts will raise taxes which can come from any number of reasons. 
  3. Much of Tom Wolf’s campaign is being funded by an environmentalist from California.  This story ran in the Trib several months ago.  I frankly don’t care to have someone from the California making policy for our state.
  4. Gas prices may be up, but in fact, taxes on gas are down.  No one takes into account that demand has increased… taxes are actually lower now than in the past. 
  5. Tom Wolf will not support voter ID efforts!  We need reform of voter id, and we have all seen it at the polls.  Do you honestly think we have a prayer if Tom Wolf is elected. 
  6. Tom Wolf is not pro-life.  Enough said… he will take his lead from the President.
  7. Pennsylvania has critical problems with state pensions, which Tom Corbett has tried to address.  Tom Corbett has a plan to create a new structure that can save the state from the financial ruin like that in Illinois and California.  Do you believe Tom Wolf will say “no” to the teachers’ union?

I know you share the same concerns about our state and the future of our children and grand children.   If are unavailable on Saturday, some of us will also do doors on Friday, September 12th.

West Region: Zelienople

9:00 am to 12:30 pm
Bi-Lo Grocery Store
3 Northgate Plz #2
Harmony, PA 16037 

Please contact Andrew Patterson at (412) 290-3038 or email him at