DONALD TRUMP’S 2017 accomplishments

By James E. Hulings


Basic Freedoms

  1. Supreme Court Judge Neil Gorsuch appointed, and confirmed, preserving a conservative majority.
    • We get to keep our second amendment right to own firearms.
    • We get to keep our religious freedom and even say Merry Christmas in public again.
  2. Colleges cannot skip over the rule of law using Title IX. Its back to “due process” and “innocent until proven guilty”.
  3. The FCC cannot control our internet.
  4. Support for our fireman, police and military.



  1. Pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord, saving us billions of dollars and US jobs.
  2. Environmental Protection Agency will not be allowed to overrun us with a nasty new law.



  1. Repealed many cumbersome regulations freeing businesses to expand and the stock market to rally to record highs.
  2. The Stock Market is booming thus boosting 401ks.
  3. Consumer confidence is back.
  4. The housing market is back.
  5. Corporate Taxes have been lowered making America competitive with other nations. Business will return jobs and billions in cash to America.
  6. Individual Taxes lowered, letting us keep more of our money.
  7. Individual Obama Care mandate has been repealed saving folks from being fined for not buying Obama Care.  Some rates were $2,000.00 per month so many just paid the fine.
  8. The Keystone Pipe Line was approved bringing us closer to energy independence.
  9. Drilling in remote areas of Alaska is approved. There is a lot of oil and gas in Alaska
  10. We can use Alaska energy to keep prices low, and decrease our dependence on foreign energy.
  11. The Clean Coal Industry is returning, saving jobs and our dependence on foreign oil.



  1. Extreme sanctions imposed on North Korea by the UN for threatening the US and other countries with nuclear weapons and missiles.
  2. Clamped down on Iran and exposed the Iran nuclear arms deal as worthless.
  3. Announced moving our embassy to the capitol city of Israel, Jerusalem.
  4. Cut aid to the UN for passing a resolution condemning our decision to move our embassy to the capital of Israel.


Draining the Swamp

  1. Fired corrupt FBI director Comey.
  2. Called out the bias in the Department of Justice and the FBI.
  3. Called out the liberal media like CNN, NBC, ABC CBS and many newspapers for spreading fake news, bias and mean reporting.



  1. Stopped most of the immigration and travel from terror supporting countries.
  2. Freed ICE agents to arrest illegal alien criminals.
  3. Blocked funds to cities that willingly set illegal alien criminals free and protected them from prosecution and/or deportation.
  4. Fear of being prosecuted or returned to Mexico has drastically reduced illegal alien boarder crossings from Mexico. Donald supported our Boarder Patrol, and lets them do their job.






Think about this – What would the list look like if Hillary was elected.