Below is the list of your committee members. Click on the email address to contact them.

If there is an open seat in the precinct with you reside and are interested in filling the position, please email at or phone us (724) 426-2272.

Central Region (Bob Craig)

Precinct Position Name Committee Email – Final
Butler City 1 Committeewoman Elvira Grenci
Butler City 1 Committeeman  Open Seat
Butler City 2 Committeewoman  Open Seat
Butler City 2 Committeeman  Open Seat
Butler City 3 Committeewoman  Open Seat
Butler City 3 Committeeman John Ely
Butler City 4-1 Committeewoman  Open Seat
Butler City 4-1 Committeeman Darren Oates
Butler City 4-2 Committeewoman  Open Seat
Butler City 4-2 Committeeman Charles Carmody
Butler City 5 Committeewoman Judy Hodak
Butler City 5 Committeeman  Open Seat
Butler Twp 1-1 Committeewoman Karen Keffalas
Butler Twp 1-1 Committeeman James Keffalas
Butler Twp 1-2 Committeewoman Julie Natali
Butler Twp 1-2 Committeeman Edward Natali
Butler Twp 2 Committeewoman  Open Seat
Butler Twp 2 Committeeman  Open Seat
Butler Twp 3 Committeewoman Marci Mustello
Butler Twp 3 Committeeman Michael English
Butler Twp 4 Committeewoman Monica Ellis
Butler Twp 4 Committeeman  Open Seat
Butler Twp 5 Committeewoman  Open Seat
Butler Twp 5 Committeeman  Open Seat
Butler Twp 6 North Committeewoman Laurinda Klutinoty
Butler Twp 6 North Committeeman  Open Seat
Butler Twp 6  South Committeewoman  Open Seat
Butler Twp 6  South Committeeman Bob Craig
Center Twp 1 Committeewoman Karen Daum
Center Twp 1 Committeeman  Open Seat
Center Twp 2 Committeewoman Barbara Davidson
Center Twp 2 Committeeman Gary Rauschenberger
Center Twp 3 Committeewoman  Open Seat
Center Twp 3 Committeeman Ronald Flatt

North East Region (Ken Bray)

Precinct Position Name Committee Email – Final
Allegheny Twp Committeewoman Kaylee McGuire
Allegheny Twp Committeeman Andy Kutzko, Jr.
Bruin Boro Committeewoman  Open Seat
Bruin Boro Committeeman  Open Seat
Cherry Valley Boro Committeewoman Jessie Snyder
Cherry Valley Boro Committeeman John Allen Snyder
Chicora Committeewoman  Open Seat
Chicora Committeeman  Open Seat
Concord Twp Committeewoman  Open Seat
Concord Twp Committeeman  Open Seat
Donegal Twp Committeewoman  Open Seat
Donegal Twp Committeeman  Open Seat
Eau Claire Boro Committeewoman  Open Seat
Eau Claire Boro Committeeman  Open Seat
Fairview Boro Committeewoman  Open Seat
Fairview Boro Committeeman  Open Seat
Fairview Twp Committeewoman Jamie Bray
Fairview Twp Committeeman Robert Bray
Karns City Committeewoman  Open Seat
Karns City Committeeman Doug Schrecengost
Oakland Twp Committeewoman Darcy Thompson
Oakland Twp Committeeman Larry Thompson
Parker Twp Committeewoman  Open Seat
Parker Twp Committeeman  Open Seat
Petrolia Borough Committeewoman  Open Seat
Petrolia Borough Committeeman  Open Seat
Venango Twp Committeewoman  Open Seat
Venango Twp Committeeman  Open Seat
Washington Twp Committeewoman  Open Seat
Washington Twp Committeeman  Open Seat

North West Region (Michael Brace)

Precinct Position Name Committee Email – Final
Brady Twp Committeewoman  Open Seat
Brady Twp Committeeman  Open Seat
Cherry Twp Committeewoman Natalie Brace
Cherry Twp Committeeman Michael Brace
Clay Twp Committeewoman Nancy Bartman
Clay Twp Committeeman Thomas Nadolny
Harrisville Boro Committeewoman Jessica Staudacher
Harrisville Boro Committeeman  Open Seat
Marion Twp Committeewoman  Open Seat
Marion Twp Committeeman  Open Seat
Mercer Twp Committeewoman Veronica Cardello
Mercer Twp Committeeman Mike Hilliard
Muddycreek Twp Committeewoman Dot Schilling
Muddycreek Twp Committeeman John Kennedy
Portersville Boro Committeewoman  Open Seat
Portersville Boro Committeeman  Open Seat
Slippery Rock Boro Committeewoman Kathleen Patterson
Slippery Rock Boro Committeeman Christopher White
Slippery Rock Twp Committeewoman Lisa Henricks
Slippery Rock Twp Committeeman Tom Henricks
West Liberty Committeewoman  Open Seat
West Liberty Committeeman  Open Seat
West Sunbury Committeewoman Terri Wagner
West Sunbury Committeeman Richard Wagner
Worth Twp Committeewoman Bea Turner
Worth Twp Committeeman  Open Seat

South East Region (Paul Garcia)

Precinct Position Name Committee Email – Final
Buffalo Twp 1 Committeewoman Trish Lindsay
Buffalo Twp 1 Committeeman Al Linsday
Buffalo Twp 2 Committeewoman  Open Seat
Buffalo Twp 2 Committeeman  Open Seat
Buffalo Twp 3 Committeewoman Marcie Marasia
Buffalo Twp 3 Committeeman Mike Oehling
Clearfield Twp Committeewoman  Open Seat
Clearfield Twp Committeeman Paul Garcia
Clinton Twp Committeewoman  Open Seat
Clinton Twp Committeeman Mark Shane
East Butler Boro Committeewoman Angela Ciarimboli
East Butler Boro Committeeman  Open Seat
Jefferson Twp I Committeewoman  Open Seat
Jefferson Twp I Committeeman  Open Seat
Jefferson Twp II Committeewoman  Open Seat
Jefferson Twp II Committeeman  Open Seat
Middlesex Twp North Committeewoman Martha King
Middlesex Twp North Committeeman Jim Powers
Middlesex Twp South Committeewoman Laurie Passione
Middlesex Twp South Committeeman Jim Passione
Penn Twp East Committeewoman Karen Wise
Penn Twp East Committeeman Ted Cranmer
Penn Twp West Committeewoman Anne Bilott
Penn Twp West Committeeman Tony Bilott
Saxonburg Boro Committeewoman  Open Seat
Saxonburg Boro Committeeman Alex Derosa
Summit Twp North Committeewoman Rose Mainhart
Summit Twp North Committeeman  Open Seat
Summit Twp South Committeewoman  Open Seat
Summit Twp South Committeeman  Open Seat
Winfield Twp Committeewoman  Open Seat
Winfield Twp Committeeman  Open Seat

South West Region (Bill Pettigrew)

Precinct Position Name Committee Email – Final
Adams Twp 1 Committeewoman Dayle Ferguson
Adams Twp 1 Committeeman William Ferguson
Adams Twp 2 Committeewoman Susan Manuppelli
Adams Twp 2 Committeeman Mark Manuppelli
Adams Twp 3 Committeewoman Rebecca S. Brown
Adams Twp 3 Committeeman William Pettigrew
Callery Boro Committeewoman  Open Seat
Callery Boro Committeeman  Open Seat
Cranberry Twp East 1 Committeewoman Sherry Maudie
Cranberry Twp East 1 Committeeman Bruce Mazzoni
Cranberry Twp East 2 Committeewoman Diane Bowser
Cranberry Twp East 2 Committeeman Jim Bowser
Cranberry Twp East 3 Committeewoman Jan Andree
Cranberry Twp East 3 Committeeman Keith Hughes
Cranberry Twp West 1 Committeewoman Karen Nickel
Cranberry Twp West 1 Committeeman Jim Nickel
Cranberry Twp West 2 Committeewoman Kristi Storti
Cranberry Twp West 2 Committeeman Anthony Storti
Cranberry Twp West 3 Committeewoman Mary Jane Hadley
Cranberry Twp West 3 Committeeman Dick Hadley
Cranberry Twp West 4 Committeewoman Terry Shore
Cranberry Twp West 4 Committeeman WIlliam Shore
Cranberry Twp West 5 Committeewoman Gretchen Moran
Cranberry Twp West 5 Committeeman Clyde Cameron
Cranberry Twp West 6 Committeewoman Jill Deitch
Cranberry Twp West 6 Committeeman Ted Deitch
Mars Boro Committeewoman Janet Stewart
Mars Boro Committeeman  Open Seat
Seven Fields Boro Committeewoman Karen Newpol
Seven Fields Boro Committeeman Richard Newpol
Valencia Boro Committeewoman Krystal Schultz
Valencia Boro Committeeman Damian Schultz

West Region (Pat Stirling)

Precinct Position Name Committee Email – Final
Connoq Boro Committeewoman  Open Seat
Connoq Boro Committeeman Gerald Wiemann
Connoq Twp Committeewoman Kathleen Burg
Connoq Twp Committeeman  Open Seat
Evans City Boro Committeewoman  Open Seat
Evans City Boro Committeeman  Open Seat
Forward Twp Committeewoman Pamela Smith
Forward Twp Committeeman Richard Lipp
Franklin Twp Committeewoman Rebecca Bauer
Franklin Twp Committeeman Herman Bauer
Harmony Boro Committeewoman Barb Hulings
Harmony Boro Committeeman Jim Hulings
Jackson Twp Committeewoman Diane Gregor
Jackson Twp Committeeman Robert Gregor
Lancaster Twp Committeewoman Pat Stirling
Lancaster Twp Committeeman  Open Seat
Prospect Boro Committeewoman Diana Ellis
Prospect Boro Committeeman Jeffrey Ellis
Zelienople Boro I Committeewoman Nancy Staible
Zelienople Boro I Committeeman Carl E. Staible
Zelienople Boro II Committeewoman Janet Maharg
Zelienople Boro II Committeeman Bruce Knoechel
Zelienople Boro III Committeewoman Mary Kay Soriano
Zelienople Boro III Committeeman  Open Seat