As Approved May 24th, 2016




Mission Statement ……………………………………………………………………………….        3


Section 1.     Butler County Republican Committee Statement of Principles…   4

Section 2.     Election of County Committee …………………………………………….     6

Section 3.     Re-organizational Meeting  …………………………………………………     7

Section 4.     Election of Executive Committee members  ………………………….           8

Section 5.     Executive and Committee Meetings  …………………………………… 8

Section 6.     Powers and Duties of the Executive Committee…………………….           9

Section 7.     Powers and Duties of the District Chairpersons……………………            10

Section 8.     Powers and Duties of the Committee Men/Women…………………         12

Section 9.     Vacancies on the Ticket…………………………………………………….    13

Section 10.   Disqualified from voting as a Committee Man/Women……………          13

Section 11.   Removal from office and or loss of Voting Privileges……………..          13

Section 12.   Appointed Offices  …………………………………………………………….    14

Section 13.   Financial and Budget Policies…………………………………………….. 15

Section 14.   Amendments   ………………………………………………………………….     16

Section 15.   Time to Take Effect and Actions to be immediately taken as a

Result of Adoption           ……………………………………………………    16

Section 16.   Repealing Section …………………………………………………………….    16


Mission Statement


It is the belief of the Butler County Republican Committee that the quality of life in our county is enhanced under Republican leadership. A dedication to the following principles helps to ensure and sustain the blessings of liberty and well being as a society and makes the Republican Party the party of Butler County.


Section 1. Butler County Republican Committee Statement of Principles


  1. Our Creator has granted us traditional moral principles which are the foundation of our society. It is incumbent upon us to uphold, strengthen and safeguard religious and other institutions which protect and embody these principles. Public policy which negates these principles or diminishes these institutions is inherently unsound.
  2. Freedom is based on fundamental rights including those embodied in The U. S. Constitutions and Bill of Rights. Government is a means of securing freedom and maintaining a system of justice.


Government, to be effective, must operate efficiently and economically, and         must be restricted to essential public functions. Therefore, government must            be limited, and it must recognize and encourage private individual and          collective responsibility. Government must function with integrity, and must be         accountable and responsive to the people that it represents.


1.3. The government power to tax and regulate, if used irresponsibly, imposes      unacceptable costs upon society. The levying of taxes must be limited.      Excessive taxation retards economic growth and prosperity, and diminishes             personal freedom. Regulation and mandates by government should be restricted        to essential public health, welfare and safety issues.


In determining such            policies, Congress and the Pennsylvania General Assembly             should be aware of global, national and regional economic competition.


1.4. A private, free market economic system is the basis of prosperity. The power of         free enterprise to create jobs is the best means to eliminate poverty.


The forced redistribution of wealth and the over regulation of the free enterprise system – even under the guise of law for the purpose of advancing misguided       notions of social or economic justice – is destructive of the fabric of society, and         must not be tolerated.


1.5. Justice demands an honest and impartial application of the law. It is a perversion    of justice to deny equal opportunity to any individual. All people should be safe          and secure in their homes and their communities. The right to bear arms shall          not be infringed.


A strong system of criminal justice, which metes out sure and swift punishment   to those who break the law, must not be compromised.



1.6. Individual rights carry with them individual responsibilities. Included is the    obligation to work to provide for oneself and one’s family, thereby securing            freedom through economic empowerment. Therefore, governmental interference     in the employment relationship should be minimized.


1.7. The development of social and educational policy should recognize the primacy of             the family, and should assure parents the freedom and ability to provide strong           and appropriate foundations for their children. Educational quality will be     instrumental in guaranteeing America’s future. Quality in education depends on        a working partnership between students, parents, educators and communities.


To be competitive in the world, our educational system must be accessible and    competitive within itself by providing incentives for success and achievement.


1.8. The sanctity of human life is fundamental. Life has inherent dignity. Life should be            afforded quality.


1.9. The conservation of our environment and its natural resources, including the           preservation of prime farmland, is a legacy that must be protected. Recognizing       the need for business activity, public infrastructure, and safe and affordable   housing, we acknowledge that the protection of our environment and natural    resources should accommodate the rights of owners of private property.


1.10. American world leadership has been built upon and will continue to depend upon            a willingness to defend and promote freedom. Support and recognition must be      afforded to those men and women who have served in the defense of this    Country.


A strong national defense secures the blessings of liberty to our posterity.


1.11 The Butler County Republican Committee demonstrates its commitment to the        Republican Party through its various duties. Those duties, as outlined in the      committee’s bylaws, shall include:


  1. Registering voters as Republicans and encouraging  them   to vote.
  2. Assisting Republican voters by providing information, absentee ballot                            applications, and other services.
  3. Assisting the Republican Party in finding, nominating, and electing well-                                  qualified Republican candidates for office.
  4. Assisting candidates, who are registered Republicans and who affirm                           traditional Republican values as referenced in the Principles Statement, in                 election campaigns.



  1. To financially aid those Republican candidates who  have  affirmed the                                    Principles Statement,  and  as  a  committee,  not solicit funds from                          Republican candidates.
  2. Advancing the principles of the Republican Party and of supporting                                candidates who affirm those principles.
  3. Otherwise advancing Republican Principles in Butler County.


Section 2. Election of County Committee


2.1 The Republican voters shall elect one man and one woman from each precinct at    each gubernatorial election, said primary election occurring in every four years  and at such time or times as may now or hereafter be designated by the        Legislature of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


Each elected committee man/ woman shall serve a term of four years or until        their duly elected successor is elected.


2.2 Qualifications to hold the office of Committee man/woman:


2.2.1. Must be a registered Republican voter at the time of filing petitions for the               office and must remain a registered republican voter throughout the                  elected term of office.


2.2.2. Must be a citizen of good reputation and ethical standing.


2.2.3.  Must  never use or have used the office  of  committee man/woman,                       executive committee office, any Republican elected office or the titles or                      former titles of said offices to publicly endorse or publicly claim to vote for                  a  Democrat or Independent candidate, or Democrat or Independent              elected official against a Republican.


2.2.4. The Pennsylvania Constitution which forbids those with felony records                  from “holding any office of trust or profit” for the state shall apply to                                 Committee men/ women. In addition to the Pennsylvania Constitution                 provision, any member who has been  convicted  of any crime that                              damages the reputation of the Republican party or any of its committees,               officers,  candidates, or elected officials shall be removed from his/her                   elected or appointed office.


2.2.5   In order to prevent the appearance of conflict of interest, State Committee Members cannot hold a seat on the Executive Board or as a District Chairperson.





2.3 Executive Committee members running for office:


In order to prevent the appearance of conflict of interest, Primary and         General Election candidates cannot hold a seat on the Executive Committee   or as District Chairperson except as follows:


Local Committee person

Judge of Elections

Election Board Members


In all other cases, the candidate must resign from the Executive Committee          as District Chairperson upon announcement of their candidacy.



Section 3. Re-organizational Meeting


3.1       The elected members of the County Committee shall convene in Butler County   at such time and place as may be designated by the Chairman whose duty it shall be to call such reorganization meeting not less than ten (10) days nor more        than thirty-one (31) days after the certification of the aforementioned Primary     Election.


3.2       If the Chairman did not run for office or fails to give notice to the Executive           Committee within 24 hours of the certification of the primary election to call such         meeting, then the responsibility will reside with the Executive Committee officers         in the following order, the Internal Vice Chairman, the External Vice Chairman or             the Secretary shall call said meeting.


3.3. The Secretary shall preside as temporary Chairman for the purpose of            reorganization and pass upon the eligibility of any elected member under            question. The Secretary may have the right to call upon each elected member to       present their Certificate of Election before said elected member’s name be placed upon the Roll of Membership, providing the Committee Member is so             advised when notified of the meeting.


3.3.1 The Election of Districts Chairpersons:

  1. One committee member in good standing from within each region will be elected to serve as District Chairperson for that District. The                                     election will take place at the conclusion of Executive Board                                          election.


Caucasus will be formed by each precinct. A majority voice vote(s)                          of the members present determines the District Chairperson                                          Proxy votes are not permitted.


  1. The Chairman will immediately announce the winners.


  1. In the case of a District Chairperson being elected to the an executive             position and whereas District Chairpersons are voting members of                          the Executive Committee they shall not retain their position of                                    District Chairperson. A replacement will be selected within 30                           days via vote by the District Committee Members.


  1. Replacement of District Chairpersons who are unable to complete their             term will be appointed by the Chairman. The replacement will                                  serve until the next re-organizational meeting.


Section 4. Election of Executive Committee members and District Chairpersons


4.1       When the Roll of the Elected Members has been made and confirmed as to         eligibility by the Secretary, he or she shall call upon the Committee for approval       of its membership individually and collectively, after which they shall proceed to    elect a County Chairman, Vice Chairman of Internal Affairs, Vice Chairman of   External Affairs, Treasurer and Secretary. The election of these officers shall be        by secret ballot.


4.2       Qualifications to serve as an officer on the Executive Committee:


4.2.1. Must meet qualifications to hold office as a Committee Man/Woman.


4.2.2. Must never use or have used the office of committee man/woman,                           executive committee office, any Republican elected office or the titles or                      former titles of said offices to publicly endorse or publicly claim to vote for                  a Democrat or Independent candidate or Democrat or Independent                     elected official against a Republican.


Section 5. Executive and Committee Meetings


5.1   The Executive Committee shall meet monthly and when they shall deem it   necessary, and shall be presided over by the Chairman.


5.2       There are five (5) Executive Committee members (6) District Chairpersons for a    total of eleven (11) eligible Executive Committer members. A quorum shall consist of a simple majority of 6 persons being present in order to conduct             business at any meeting of the Executive Committee.


5.3       Attendance by Electronic means is acceptable if a Quorum has been reached by            those physically present. The electronically connected attendee must be able to            hear and respond to the entire group.


5.4    The County Committee may be convened by the Executive Committee when they             shall deem it necessary, and shall be presided over by the Chairman.




5.5    Proxies – Any member of the County Committee unable to attend a meeting may    by written proxy name a Republican voter of his or her precinct to act for him or         her. The instrument or substitution shall be signed and dated by the regular            member.


5.6   Quorum – The committee members present, either in person or by substitute             proxy, and answering roll call at any meeting duly called, shall constitute a       quorum for the transaction of business, provided that not less than one-half of

the eligible members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum.


Section 6. Powers and Duties of the Executive Committee


6.1.   The Chairman of the County Committee or in his absence or at his request, the     Internal Vice Chairman, shall preside at all meetings of the County Committee    and / or Executive Committee.


The Chairman, Vice Chairman of Internal Affairs, Vice Chairman of External        Affairs, Treasurer, and Secretary shall constitute the Executive Committee, which shall have the general direction, supervision, and control of the            committee, and shall all expenditures of money.


The Chairman shall be the head of the Republican Party in Butler County.


6.2.   The Internal Vice Chairperson


  1. Shall attend Executive Committee meetings as a voting member.


  1. Shall assist the Chairman with personnel and recruitment.


  1. Shall provide liaison and communications with the District Chairpersons.


  1. Shall provide oversight of the Communications Officer, Web Site Officer and Committee public relations.


6.3.   The External Vice Chairperson


  1. Shall attend Executive Committee meetings as a voting member.


  1. Shall assist the Chairman with organizing events and rallies in support of             Republican candidates for office.



6.4.   The Secretary – It shall be the duty of the Secretary elected to keep full minutes of the proceedings of the meetings of the Committee. Such minutes shall be in a           permanent form and passes on to his or her successor or the County Chairman          at the expiration of the term of his or her office. The Secretary shall have charge          of the books, rolls, and papers of the Committee and shall conduct the             correspondence and perform such other duties as the Executive Committee may



The Secretary shall make all records available to the Executive committee at         their request. The Secretary shall furnish a copy of the Committee Bylaws to         each member of the County Committee at the member’s request.


6.5   The Treasurer – shall be responsible for all funds of the Committee by keeping        systematic records of all money received and paid out in books kept for that      purpose and make all filings required by law.


6.6    The Executive Committee shall be responsible for appointing individuals to vacant             Committee Man/Woman positions and vacant Executive Committee positions.     Appointed Committee Men/Women will have voting status at all meetings except        re-organizational meetings. In the case of a vacancy in the office of Chairman,          the Internal Vice Chairman shall complete the unexpired term and shall serve     as Chairman of the County Committee.


Section 7. Powers and Duties of the District Chairpersons      


7.1       District Chairpersons – In order to promote growth, and provide for increased         representation of each district in the county, six districts are defined.  Each       district shall be administered by a District Chairperson whose duty it will be to        assist the Chairman, and Vice Chairpersons by:


7.1.1   Attending Executive Committee meetings as a voting member.


7.1.2 Communicating and coordinating activities with the committee persons                    within his or her district.


7.1.3 Fostering interest and offering help at republican activities within their                     district.


7.1.4 Recruiting qualified candidates for committee persons within their district.


7.1.5 Recruit candidates for local offices inside or outside of their districts.


7.1.6 Recruit and organize Poll Watchers and Poll Workers in their district.


7.1.7 Providing mentoring for committee members.




7.2 The districts are established as follows:


                        North West District

Townships                                                     Boroughs

Brady              Slippery Rock                       Harrisville

Cherry            Worth                                     Portersville

Clay                                                                Slippery Rock

Muddycreek                                                 West Liberty                                                  Mercer                                                             West Sunbury


North East District

Townships                                                     Boroughs

Allegheny      Venango                              Bruin

Concord         Washington                          Cherry Valley

Donegal                                                         Chicora

Fairview                                                         Eau Clair

Marian                                                            Fairview

Oakland                                                         Kerns City

Parker                                                                        Petrolia


Western District       

Townships                                                     Boroughs

                       Connoquenessing                                       Connoquenessing

Franklin                                                          Evans City

Forward                                                          Harmony

Jackson                                                          Prospect

Lancaster                                                       Zelienople                


                        South Western District

Townships                                                     Boroughs

Adams                                                            Callery

Cranberry                                                      Mars

Seven Fields



South Eastern District

Townships                                                    Boroughs


Buffalo            Middlesex                              East Butler

Clinton             Penn                                      Saxonburg

Clearfield       Summit

Jefferson        Winfield


                        Central District


Butler Township                        Butler City

Center Township


7.3       One committee member in good standing from within each district will be elected            by the Committeepersons from their district.


7.4       District Chairpersons shall serve as voting members of the Executive         Committee.


7.5       Attendance – all District Chairpersons must attended a minimum of six (6)             meetings per year and not miss three (3) consecutive meetings. Any District          Chairperson who fails to meet the attendance standard shall be replaced.


The replacement shall be chosen by way of election. The Executive Committee   and District Chairpersons shall be the electors.


Section 8.  Powers and Duties of Committee Men/ Women


8.1       The Committee Members in their respective precincts shall carry out the    provisions of these rules;


8.1.1   Shall have a general control and management of their respective duties,               under the advice and direction of the Executive Committee.


8.1.2   It shall be their duty to make vigorous effort to have every eligible                            Republican properly registered and encourage him or her to vote                            regularly.


8.1.3   Shall keep the Executive Committee advised of the political conditions                  and requirements of their respective precincts and to look after the party’s                     interests at all elections.


Section 9. Vacancies on Ticket


9.1       In the event of a vacancy occurring on the Butler County Republican ticket in      any election, the County Committee members representing the district or the   portion thereof in which said vacancy occurs shall fill said vacancy, unless      otherwise provided for by law.


9.2       The executive committee shall convene and preside over a meeting of said          affected members, and the members shall elect a qualified Republican to be the     nominee at that meeting to fill said vacancy. A nominee shall be selected from a       list of such candidates who may present their names to the Executive      Committee. If a majority of the affected members or their proxies do not convene        to elect a nominee, then the Executive Committee shall elect a nominee to fill      the vacancy.


9.3       If the County Committee is called upon to participate in a conferee process, then             the Executive committee shall appoint County Committee members from the   affected District to fill the conferee positions.


Section 10. Disqualified from voting as a Committee Man/ Woman


10.1.   A committee man / woman will be disqualified from voting if they no longer meet             the qualifications to hold the office of a committee man/ woman.


10.2.   A committee man / woman will be disqualified from voting if he / she ever used    the office of committee man /woman, Executive Committee office, any      republican elected office or the titles or former titles of said offices to publicly      endorse or publicly cast a vote for a Democrat or Independent candidate or Democrat or Independent elected official against a Republican.


10.3.   Appointed Committee man / woman will not be eligible to vote at an Executive     Committee re-organizational meeting until they have been officially elected by      the voters of their respective precincts.



Section 11: Removal from office and/or loss of voting privileges


11.1    A qualifications board of three (3) qualified Committee Members, appointed by     the Executive Committee shall investigate all issues that arise regarding     qualifications to both holding office and voting. If the Ethics Board finds that a     hearing is appropriate, it shall notify the Committee Member(s) concerned of the      time and place of hearing.


11.2    If upon investigation and after the hearing it finds that grounds for action exist, it             shall so report in writing to the Executive Committee, who may, by majority   declare the office vacant, suspend the Committee Member’s voting privileges, or    take other action appropriate under the circumstances.


11.3    It shall be the responsibility of the Executive Committee to notify the Butler           County Bureau of Elections whenever a committee man / woman is no longer          eligible to hold the office of committee man / woman.


11.4    It shall be the responsibility of the Executive Committee to notify the committee    members if a committee member or officer has been disqualified from holding      the office of committee man / woman, Executive Committee office or has lost    his/her voting privileges.


A member of the Executive Committee will be removed from office by a majority   vote of the Executive Committee if that officer no longer meets the qualifications         to hold office as judged by the Executive Committee according to these bylaws.


It shall be the responsibility of the Executive Committee to discontinue a   committee member’s voting privileges due to violations of these bylaws.


11.5    A member of the Executive Committee may be removed by a vote of the County   Committee members at a meeting, provided that the proposed removal is stated            in the call of the meeting. Such removal requires the affirmative vote of not less             than one-half of the total number of the members then in office and of not less   than two-thirds of the members voting at such meeting.


Section 12.  Appointed Offices


12.1    The Chairman will appoint the following non-voting officers.  At the earliest                      regularly scheduled meeting, the Executive Committee and District Chairman                       will ratify the appointment(s) by a two thirds majority of the members present.


12.2    Director of Butler County Republican Committee Communications:


12.2.1 The Director of Butler County Republican Committee Communications is                                a subordinate to  the Internal Vice Chairman and is responsible to                                                  maintain and control the mailing list and the E-Mail lists for the Butler                                       County Republican Committee.


These lists are to be the sole property of the Butler County Republican                                    Committee and are for internal use only.  The lists are to be updated and                                       forwarded to the Secretary and the Internal Vice Chairman annually and                                             all updates are to be forwarded to the Secretary and the Internal Vice                                       Chairman on a quarterly basis.


12.2.2 The Butler County Republican Committee lists is for the sole use of the                                    Butler County Republican Committee and may not be given to any                                                       candidate or elected official unless directed by the Internal Vice                                                        Chairman in writing.


12.2.3. This is a non-voting office.


12.3    Butler County Republican Committee Web Site Administrator


12.3.1 The Web site Administrator is subordinate to the Internal Vice Chair and                 is responsible for Butler County Republican Committee’s Web Site                              function and reliability. The Web Site Administrator will provide Web Site                      Hosting and             Domain Name oversight.  The Web Site Administrator will                      perform periodic up-dates and Calendar maintenance.


12.3.2 The Web Site Administrator will monitor and maintain security web site                   and e-mail functions.


12.3.3 This is a non-voting office.








Section 13. Financial and Budget Policies


13.1.   On or before October 1st of each year, the Executive Committee shall approve a budget for the coming election cycle.


13.2. When handling cash from major fund drives, the Executive Committee shall           require that at least two unrelated people will open, count, prepare and confirm     the delivery of the bank deposit.


13.3.   All individual expenditures must have the specific approval of the majority of the             Executive Committee.


13.4.   When the Executive Committee makes payments for authorized expenditures      from party funds, such payments shall be made only by check, shall require    the co-signatures of any two of the five members of the Executive Committee,    and shall have been approved by the Executive Committee as budgeted.


13.5.  In conducting the day-to-day affairs of the Butler County Republican Party, the     Executive Committee shall have the power to transfer between line items of the         budget with the approval of a majority. Only the Executive Committee shall have      the power to change the total budget and has no authority to approve any deficit     spending.



Section 14: Amendments


14.1    The foregoing rules may be amended by a simple majority vote of those present at any regular or special meeting of the Butler County Republican Party Executive Committee provided that not less than fifteen (15) days written notice of said meeting shall be given to each member by letter.


14.2    All proposed amendments must be properly presented to the Executive Committee by an elected member of the Butler County Republican Committee.


14.2    Voting will be by secret ballot.


14.3    Votes to be counted in the presence of the membership of the Butler County Republican Committee.


14.4    The expense of the presentation is the responsibility of presenter. A request for expenses reimbursement may be included with the proposed amendment. Approval of a reimbursement requires a simple majority approval vote of the Executive Committee and District Chairpersons.






Section 15: Time to Take Effect and Actions to be Immediately Taken as a Result of Adoption


15.1  The By-Laws and Rules of the Republican Party of Butler County as amended      shall take effect immediately upon their adoption by the County Committee.


15.2    Upon the adoption of these bylaws, the individuals serving as the executive         committee under the prior bylaws will continue to serve in those same offices until the end of their current term of office.


Section 16. Repealing Section


16.1    All By-Laws, Rules and Resolutions heretofore made regulating or purporting to regulate or govern the Republican Party in the County of Butler prior to May 24th, 2016 are hereby repealed.





Edward R. Natali                                          Monica C. Ellis

Chairman                                                      Secretary

Date: May 24th, 2016                                   Date: May 24th, 2016